Integrative Energy Medicine is a comprehensive approach developed by Dana Lundin to cultivate and direct the life force also known as prana or chi (the Subtle Energy System) to resolve health issues and create a state of uncommon health and vitality.

Conditions Treated Include: 
•  Migraines
•  Arthritis
•  Fibromyalgia
•  Allergies
•  Headaches
•  Fatigue
•  Asthma
•  Digestive Disorders
•  Smoking Cessation
•  Depression
•  Stress
•  Insomnia
•  Trauma and Sports Injuries
•  Women’s Health Issues
•  Men’s Health Issues
•  Musculo Skeletal Complaints
and so much more.
  • Acupuncture is the practice of placing needles strategically along meridian pathways on points which influence the quality, direction and flow of energy, or chi in the body.
  • Chinese Medicine and Structural Therapy work directly on the fascia/meridian system which interfaces our subtle and physical body.
  • Shamanic Healing works on a soul level and in the auric field to resolve negative imprints which can impair how we source our lives and shape our life experiences.  
  • Yoga and Qi Gong are both powerful tools for self directed healing and self care.
  • As a gauge of the health of your system, we also may integrate laboratory tests such as hair analysis and saliva testing from some of the top labs in the country.
  • Contact me about private yoga instruction, workshops and seminars.

A common side effect of these practices is often a deeper and richer sense of liveliness and feeling a sense of oneness with the Whole of Life.

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