Dana Lundin L.Ac.

Dana Lundin has been a healer with an active practice in the Chicago area for more than 30 years.  She had an interest in becoming a physician since childhood, and this path became redirected in her teenage years.  Inspired by a book on yoga she began her own daily practice at 12, occasionally following along with Lilias Folan on PBS.  

Improvements and modifications in her diet also made a difference in her performance as a competitive athlete, and her job in a pharmacy where she learned about drug side effects made her question the wisdom of suppressing symptoms of lifestyle, rather that treating the root cause.  

She is a graduate of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, The Chicago Center for Advanced Bodywork and has completed numerous 2 year apprenticeships with native Peruvians in Andean Shamanism. She was authorized to teach and conduct ceremony by her mentor Theo Paredes Ph.D. to whom she was formally apprenticed.  She is a certified yoga teacher and is completing a 500 hour training in classical Tantric Yoga.  Dana has also studied Restorative Endocrinology with Dr. Janet Lang and Associates. Dana delights in creating an environment for healing and giving her patients the tools to live wisely and well.

150 N. Michigan . Ste 800 . Chicago IL 60601

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