The Subtle Energy System

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Known to the ancient yoginis  as prana, to the Taoists as Qi, subtle energy or life force is “the cosmic personality, potent in all beings and non-beings.  It is the mover of all activity. It is the wealth of life.  This self-energizing force is the principle of life and consciousness.  Everything is established in it. Each and every thing, or being, including man takes shelter under it.  Prana is the fundamental energy and the source of all knowledge.” BKS Iyengar.

Most energy healers or practitioners whether they are grounded in and eastern, yogic, wholistic or psychological discipline agree that there are three primary subsystems:  an aura or luminous body which envelopes us and interpenetrates us through chakras (wheels of light) and meridians or channels.

Discovered by the ancients through the inward direction of attention, in modern times science has finally developed instruments capable of measuring and quantifying these fields and structures.  Most notably, Valerie Hunt Ph. D. while a professor of kinesiology at UCLA produced groundbreaking evidence of the existence of subtle energy and the function of these anatomical structures. Her book Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibrations is a fascinating account of her experience in the laboratory with some of the finest healers in the world at work.

The health and vitality of this subtle field is fundamental to that of our physical bodies and can be influenced by yogic practices, Qi Gong or self care techniques as those developed by Donna Eden to name a few.

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