What to expect from a session:

Patient Forms:
Please fill out these forms and bring to your first session.
Health History Form
Consent Form
My ultimate goal as a healer is to work on the source  or root level of your issue, give you the tools and referrals needed to acquire and maintain the best possible outcome in your health on all levels.
~ Dana

For the private sessions where a complete assessment of  your energy systems is desired, on your first visit we review your health history, dietary intake and  treatment goals and commence to the treatment portion of your visit. 

I perform a full body review of acupuncture reflex points and check for and treat areas of tension or fascial strain with soft tissue or myofascial techniques.  While you are prone, after I insert the needles I cradle your head holding points at the base of your skull and  read the subtle body and charkas to determine if there are any blockages or disturbances affecting the most primary level of energy, and work to resolve these issues and balance the field as you relax. 

After you have dressed, I give you a report of findings and make recommendations for follow up visits, lifestyle and dietary changes that would support a positive shift in your health and well being. All of the modalities I practice can be used singly or combined in any manner as necessitated by your needs and goals. The time involved is approximately 90 minutes.


Acupuncture only: first visit $130, follow up $80.

Comprehensive Assessment:
90 min $150 follow up visits 60 min $130.

Cosmetic acupuncture treatments: first visit $150, follow up visits $100.00

Hours by appointment
Tuesday and Thursday 10 am to 7 pm, Friday 10 am to 5 pm

Laboratory Tests:
As a gauge of the health of your system, we also may integrate
laboratory tests fromsome of the top labs in the country.

Hakala Labs
Iodine & Bromine Levels

Analytical Research Labs
Hair Analysis

Diagnos-Techs, Inc
Saliva Testing for:
• Cycling Female Hormone Panel
• Peri-Menopausal Hormone Panel
• Post-Menopausal Hormone Panel
• Adrenal Stress Index
• Short Thyroid Panel
• Male Hormone Panel
• Food Intolerance Panel
• Gastrointestinal Health Panel

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